About Me

I made this stuff.

I love making swords. I'm not entirely sure why I love this craft, but I do. 

To answer the inevitable: I don't sell my stuff.  I just make them because I like them.

I'm particularly proud of being one of the creators of Arctic Fire, a sometimes annual (i.e. every year except those years when we don't have one) event where I get together with a bunch of like-minded sword hooligans and we make stuff and share the making with whoever wants to watch.

If you want to learn how to make sword or knives, you should join http://www.BladesmithsForum.com. I'm on there all the time, so are some of the best smiths in the world.

This website is just a sample of my work.  If you want to see more, including work-in-progress shots, follow this link which will take you to all my posts on BladesmithsForum.com.  I usually post every project, including build photos on there. 

My Facebook and Twitter feeds also have some stuff, but I often forget to update them.